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Amanda Knox

Find out the truth. The defense has cost the family a million dollars. Donate.

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The consequence of Free Trade

The consequence of Free Trade is that individuals that can do everything extremely well are unemployed and can’t get a job doing anything. Thus you see the engineer and the PhD bagging groceries or driving taxi cabs. Free trade was … Continue reading

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Tariffs Are the Fundamental Concept of USA

During the 150 year era before we threw open our market to the tax free entry by producers of the world, we were a nation of high tariffs. Laws passed during virtually the entirety of the history of the United … Continue reading

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Your Utopia

Each of us can conceive our own perfect nation and society. Try for a moment. My conception of Utopia is a place where there are no defects in the economy, the democracy, the system of justice, or the goals and … Continue reading

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