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Is This the Age of Intolerence?

Is this the age of intolerance for beliefs and ideologies?   Frequently heard is the term “Zero Tolerance” spoken with conviction as if there is no other way.   Republicans think theirs is the only correct way.  Democrats think their ideology is … Continue reading

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The Utopia Amendment (The Tenth)

The Tenth Amendment of the United States is the amendment that could lead to the entire USA being a Utopian Country.   Utopia requires a strong enumeration of rights and a government that thinks it’s their duty to protect the enumerated … Continue reading

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Was Ross Perot Right? And so without further ado, let’s answer the question Clinton ducked: Was Ross Perot right? In 1993, the Clinton White House and an army of corporate lobbyists were selling NAFTA as a way to aid Mexican and American workers. … Continue reading

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Is China Responsible for World Economic Imbalances?

The only concept that justifies free trade is that currency exchange rates are also supposed to automatically adjust so that every nation has an equal opportunity to manufacture and sell their products. China pegs their currency to the US dollar, … Continue reading

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