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Write in “Random University Graduate”

Write in “Random University Graduate” for all your ballot choices in the next elections. It’s a win-win vote. Unless your candidate speaks against having the American worker compete with the slave labor of other countries, the current norm, then vote … Continue reading

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How to end Washington’s Ignorance

The guardian wrote: “How to end Washington’s Ignorance”. You say:  “Good luck with that!” Do you feel that your letters to Washington are ignored, you know, neglected, overlooked, disregard or forgotten? You say: “Of course.  That’s the way it always … Continue reading

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What is a Leader?

Commander:  Has the authority to force his decisions on others. Leader: 1.)    Knows how to decrease entropy (chaos and disorder) and has the will to act in that direction. 2.)    Works for the betterment of those that follow. 3.)    A … Continue reading

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Solutions for the American economy

Solution to the American economy:  More American Jobs. No kidding you say!  Every idiot knows that more jobs would mean more tax revenues which would then lead to a lower national debt and other good things.  That’s a no brainer, … Continue reading

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A Hundred better Democracies?

THIS democracy is better than a dictatorship, but there are probably 100 better democracies.  Why can’t the USA think out of the 200 year old box?   This democracy is but one of my many irreconcilable differences with this government. … Continue reading

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